Data sets

Descriptions of the data sets included within zEpid

load_sample_data(timevary) Load data that is part of the zepid package.
load_ewing_sarcoma_data() Loads Ewing’s Sarcoma survival data from Glaubiger DL, Makuch R, Schwarz J, Levine AS, Johnson RE.
load_gvhd_data() Loads bone marrow transplant recipient data from Keil AP, Edwards JK, Richardson DB, Naimi AI, Cole SR.
load_sciatica_data() Loads the Sciatica Trial data published in; Mertens, BJA, Jacobs, WCH, Brand, R, and Peul, WC.
load_leukemia_data() Loads data from Freireich EJ et al., “The Effect of 6-Mercaptopurine on the Duration of Steriod-induced Remissions in Acute Leukemia: A Model for Evaluation of Other Potentially Useful Therapy” Blood 1963
load_longitudinal_data() Loads simulated longitudinal data.
load_binge_drinking_data() Loads data from Ahren J et al., “Predicting the Population Health Impacts of Community Interventions: The Case of Alcohol Outlets and Binge Drinking” AJPH 2016.